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About the work of the Gardzienice Theater during the plague and work on Wyspiański's "Liberation".

Premiere: 23.06.2020, at 8.00 pm



links to broadcast of our positive online work done and produced from March to June 2020 during Covid - 19

  • We have just closed the cycle of online work in age of plague with sequence of scenes from Wyspiański' "Liberation" ("Wyzwolenie") with music of Zygmunt Konieczny.
    About the work of the Gardzienice Theater during the plague and work on Wyspiański's "Liberation": (English subtitles)




Dear Guests, Supporters, Spectators  and Recipients of our artistic and pedagogical activities

Today, like the entire world, we operate in a siege of the coronavirus.
Live activity is suspended. We work remotely. Intensively.

 Step by step, we are introducing a system of virtual presence of our activities, using online platforms and social media.

These will be:
1) Virtual tour of the theatre and historic spaces in Gardzienice (Palace - Granary - Shed - both Outbuildings - Park - Gardens)
WATCH: here

2) Access to archival materials entitled "Antiquity and ancient times" (fragments of performances from the 70s and 80s, documents of our activity in indigenous communities in Poland and on various continents)
WATCH: here

3) E-theater education:

  • a reminder of workshops for young people on the occasion of the International Festival of Youth T heaters "Kaleidoscope", held every year in Gardzienice, led by Mrs. Katarzyna Marjasiewicz and the Association of Architects of Culture from Świdnik
    WATCH: playlista
  • analytical "chewing" by the director with the participation of actors, enigmatic and obscure texts dramas, according to Wyspiański's message from "Liberation":
    "Because there is no such unclear thought that a man, thinking clearly and incisively, would not penetrate or understand" (Act II. Konrad to Mask 8) 
    WATCH: here
  • lessons of Cheironomy
    WATCH:  -> playlista (You don't have a Facebook account and you want to watch the content from the link? Click "not now" and watch!)
  • work on voice
  • stories about the oldest texts-treasures of European culture that constituted this culture, including antique texts VII-VI-V century BC. and later

4) Film and photographic reports on the performances of the "Gardzienice" Theatre in various countries of the world - "from the Apennines to the Andes"

5) Film and photographic reportages from rehearsals for performances, actors' training and accompanying rehearsals activities entitled "Covenant of the theatre with life"

6) Broadcasts of performances from our repertoire, recorded by Television, NINA and other producers.

  •     They will be broadcast on the days when live performances in Gardzienice were announced. 
    Nearest - on May 29 and 30, 2020, 8:00 PM)
  • About the work of the Gardzienice Theater during the plague and work on Wyspiański's "Liberation".
    Premiere: 23.06.2020, at 8.00 pm

Site: YouTube
Watch: click here

In the movie:
1. Introduction to work ′′Liberation′′ by Wyspianski.
2. Work on Wyspianski's ′′ Liberation

Among other things, we will see:
"Liberation" Decoration, Act I
"Liberation" Mask, Act II
"Liberation" Voices, Act III

7) Visiting exhibitions at the "Gardzienice" Gallery, based on archival materials
Galeria Gardzienice


The channels of these presentations will be successively announced HERE and on the fan page of the "Gardzienice" Theater on Facebook




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