We invite you to Gardzienice for 2nd – 6th of October 2019 (Wednesday – Sunday) for festive celebration of 20th (plus two) Anniversary of Academy for Theatre Practices.

It is a single unique occasion in all of this feeble, cosmic life of ours. Among the events: concerts and theatrical performances by alumni of the Academy, art exhibitions, movies, scientific conference, local cuisine from Gardzienice (Hostesses Club) and stories: „My unrepeatable life in life and life in arts”. We would gather with people, whom Academy tied together, who understand each other perfectly, some of them work together for years, who hurdle over the hills, climb, reach the mountain peaks, who have brilliant accomplishments in art and in life. This meeting may also open new perspectives.

Many of you have not yet seen the spaces of Gardzienice brought up from ruin, in a new, rebuilt form.

It is worth remembering, that some people may soon leave for another dimension, so it would be better not to miss the occasion to say: „bye, bye, crocodile...”

Recent classes would receive CERTIFICATES of graduating from the Academy.

It would be considered an evidence of sympathy to organize the accomodation one one's own and arriving with own method of transportation.

The whole world of Gardzienice's arounds and beyond have changed a lot. There is a high number of  accomodation spots in agrotourism, there are rooms in borough and in district, and in Świdnik there is an international airport. In the Theatre we have at our disposal several dozen of quarters, which – in the first place – we need to dedicate to the performing companies.

Please, communicate eventual problems with organizing accomodation on your own. We would certainly help and we can make it.


Programme of the Festival and the Conference – below and attached („for download”).

Please, confirm your arrival by August, 20 th.

We are not certain of some email addresses in regards to their up-to-date validity. With that in mind, be so kind to pass the invitation between yourselves as well.


With best regards,

Włodzimierz Staniewski

Mariusz Gołaj




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