YOVO, One-Eighth Theater

Performance in English

YOVO wanders through the messy town and little villages of the global South, going across the whirlwind of pictures, interactions, impressions and obligations, searching for that, what for... for... for...
Rigoristic, physical, sober, strong performance of funny and dark buffonery turned into New Absurd. Expect co-performing.

One-Eighth Theatre
One-Eighth Theatre creates new, brave, international theatre. Established in 2008 One-Eighth draws inspiration from the iceberg theory of Hemingway. It's an idea of abstract possibilitis suggesting, that some things should better be left unexplained or open to interpretation. Tip of the iceberg is no more than one-eighth of its whole. Enormous majority is hidden below water.

Daniel Irizarry: he is an artistic director of One-Eighth Theatre. As a director and performer he is known from: „The Maids” by Jose Riviera (critics' choice of New York Times), „UBU: (critics' choice of Time Out NY), „Madman and the Nun”, directed in Turkey (Bilkent), presented in Poland (Gardzienice) and New York (Pregones Theatre), „An Italian Straw Hat” (Essen, Germany), „Mouthgasm Chapter 1” (Turkey and Cyprus), „Momorato” (Tokio, Japan), „Fragments” (Vilnus, Lithuania) and one-act plays of Chekhov (Seul, South Korea). He directed and performed in „Numbness: Chapter 2” in IRT and The New Ohio Theatre Archive Residency. He directed „Black a Water”, whch was presented in International Theatre Festival in Ciego de Avila. In Metropolitan Opera he performed in a movies „Faust” and „Benvenuto Cellini” directed by Andriej Serban, conducted by James Levine. He taught acting across the world. He received his master's title at the Columbia University and a bachelor in drama at „La Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto de Rio Piedras”. Lately e directed adaptation of the „Revisor” by Gogol at National Centre for Performing Arts in Bombay, India. Excited about performing and directing „Yovo” at the International Theatre Festival in „Gardzienice” Theatre near Lublin, Poland.

Script: Robert Lyons
Actor and Director: Daniel Irizarry
Assisting Actresses: Aleksandra Gronowska (graduate of the 4th Academy), Ewa Timingeriu (graduate of the 6th Academy), Julia Lewandowska (graduate of the 12th Academy)
Lights: Charlie Munn




Saturday, October 5th 19:30


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