Workshop Sessions


Workshop Sessions of Theatre Practices
The program is aimed at young people in humanities and theatre classes, youth in amateur theatre movement, culture practitioners, teachers and theatre instructors.

Participants are offered elements of "gardzienice training" in the field of:

  • movement - based mainly on "mutual" exercises,
  • music - based on the records of musical notation of the ancient songs and traditional music, which survived to the present day,
  • cheironomy - the ancient art of gesture associated with the word,
  • working with text,
  • individual stage presence towards the community; like the ancient theatre opposition of the Choir and the Protagonist.

We also offer :

  • films and audiovisual materials from the archives of Centre for Theatre Practices,
  • presentations of the performances,
  • demonstrations of the acting techniques,
  • thematic discussions.

Workshop sessions are held in GARDZIENICE. Travel sessions are also possible.

Workshop Sessions of Theatre Practices are a continuation of the program prepared in collaboration with the Academy for Theatre Practices and refer to the years of experience of the Centre for Theatre Practices GARDZIENICE structured around the following topics:

  • theatre - the shaping of the actor's expression: Song - Body - Word,
  • work of art in a variety of natural environments - space in the theatre in relation to the space in Nature,
  • research and studies in different regional and historical traditions of voice, movement and music,
  • theatrical activity as a factor shaping attitudes in the culture,
  • conducting courses for actors of repertory theatres, fringe theatres, culture practitioners, students in Poland and abroad,
  • cooperation with the theatrical and cultural centres in many countries around the world.

We accept groups of 12 - 40 persons.
Coordination: Anna Dąbrowska




The European Centre for Theatre Practices
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