40th Anniversary Festival

Witkacy - Wyspiański


Witkacy - Wyspiański

(including scenes of Turkish wedding ceremonies)

- based on The Madman and the Nun by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz.

One-Eighth Theatre

Written in 1923 and first staged in 1924, The Madman and the Nun is dedicated to all the madmen of the world and explores the tyranny of society over the individual as well as the boundaries of sanity. The play can be seen as an absurdist black comedy in which science, religion and the state form a totalitarian alliance to bring about enforced happiness and social tranquility by means of psychiatric confinement.

One-Eighth Theater creates new, bold, international theater. Founded in 2008 by Artistic Directors Daniel Irizarry and Laura Butler Rivera, One-Eighth is inspired by Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory. It’s the alluring idea that some things are better left unexplained or open to interpretation. The tip of an iceberg is only one-eighth of what’s there, so much more lies beneath the surface. This idea of abstract possibilities is applied to all things One Eighth. One-Eighth theater's new home base will be The Archive Residency at The New Ohio Theatre and IRT theater in downtown NYC, a two year residency 'i7-'i9. One-Eighth had a four-year long residency at INTAR Theatre ('The Maids 'by José Rivera, a New York Times Critics Pick and 'UBU', a Time Out New York Critics Pick).
From participating in soloNOVA’s theater festival to performing at IRT, from two Mabou Mines residencies to creating an original piece at Bilkent University with Turkish actors, One-Eighth is constantly pushing theatrical boundaries. Poland, Japan, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Korea, Puerto Rico, USA

Direction: Daniel Irizarry
Actors: Alper Çancaya, Faysal Can Dakni, Hakan Cogar, Gerçek Almaçik, Zeynep Ekin Ӧner, Ӧmer Kagan
Musicians (guest appearance): Katarzyna Sanak, Gergo Popa, Filip Rutkowski, Paweł Czarakcziew
Music: Kamran Hamdiev
Costumes: Selvi Şaşmaz
Stage design: Ӧzlem Gezgin
Media projection: Melih Aydinat


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