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The project of the Centre for Theatre Practices, implemented under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, was a periodic event.

The idea of ​​the project grew out of a long-term relationship and cooperation of the Centre with the artistic circles of Ukraine.

Origins of the project:

In 1991, Włodzimierz Staniewski, in collaboration with Tomasz Rodowicz and Mariusz Gołaj, organized the first artistic Expedition of the Centre for Theatre Practices to Ukraine. The team arrived in the Carpathian Mountains, in the Hutsul region, in the vicinity of Verkhovyna and Bystřec.

In 1993 there was an international Expedition under the name "Hidden territories", which reached Bulgarian, Moldavian, and Gypsy enclaves – by the lake Kitay, in Bessarabia, in the Odessa region. And also to northern Polesia, the regions of Równe and Sarn (both affected by the Chernobyl disaster) and Carpathian villages (Krasnoilja, Zelen, Bystřec, Kryworównia).

The Expedition was attended by actors, musicians, researchers, trainees, observers from many countries, including Denmark, Iceland, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden and the USA.
Each stage of the Expedition was crowned by the Gatherings in Lviv – in the Les Kurbas Theatre.
In the Dominican church in Lviv were presented performances CARMINA BURANA and THE LIFE OF ARCHPRIEST AVVAKUM.

The Largest Meeting was held in the Hutsul region, in Verchovina, previously Zabie. It was attended by about 60 participants of the Expedition, as well as many traditional ensembles and soloists, including the famous, charismatic violinist Mogur.
The result of the Expeditions were symposia, Gatherings and workshop sessions, where many Ukrainian artists were invited.
Centre for Theatre Practices repeatedly invited the well-known Ukrainian theatres to Poland.


The first edition of the project took place in December 2000 at the premises of the Theatre in Gardzienice and in Lublin:

  • An exhibition of icons by Jerzy Nowosielski: PICTURE MAY BE A PART OF THE WORLD OR THE WORLD ITSELF- Curator: Monika Kubat,
  • The performance UKRAINIAN PISENNI STAROŻYTNOSTI (The ancient Ukrainian songs) - Theatre Holos of Chernivtsi, Ukraine,
  • The performance KOŁODEC (The Well), a group of NATALIA POŁOWYNKI of Theatre L. Kurbasa from Lviv
  • Concert of HALICKI ZABAWY from Ivano-Frankivsk. Ukrainian traditional music
  • Concert of RICERCARE from Lviv. Ukrainian Baroque music


The second edition was held between 29 November and 2 December 2001:

  • Exhibition UKRAINIAN ICON XVI - XIX century (eparchy of Chelm and Przemysl) in collaboration with the Museum in Łańcut; exhibition was accompanied by lectures - Curator: Monika Kubat,
  • Meeting with the audience,
  • Working session for students: Tri-Unity: image, gesture, dramaturgy,
  • The performance H2OOO [KiNetik theatre] - Dance Theatre of Kiev,
  • Literary Meeting with Taras Prochaśko and his book OTHER DAYS OF ANNA, cooperation: Wydawnictwo Czarne
  • Concert of Marjana SADOWSKA with Polesia and Poltava singers,
  • Concert of Drewo from the village Kriaczkiwka (Poltava region)
  • The concert of singers of Polesia (SWARYCEWICZI, ZELEŃ, LISOWE)
  • Photo exhibition IMPRESSIONS by Magda Kamoli - Project Coordinator: Marcin Jan Mrowca


The third edition was held from 6 December to 21 December, 2003:

  • Projection of films: Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors, dir. S. Parajanov, 1964
  • Show of the Cossack martial arts Combat Hopak,
  • Projection of films PROPAL HRAMOTA, dir. B. Ivchenko, 1972
  • BABYLON XX, dir. Mykolaychuka I., 1979,
  • lectures Folk Art of Galicia - Myroslaw Otkowycz - Director of the Centre for Conservation of Cultural Property in Lviv,
  • Exhibition HUCUL ICON ON GLASS; LECTURE: Vasyl Otkowycz - Director of the Department of Culture of the Lviv City,
  • IRMOS - a concert of Ukrainian liturgical music, Theatre. L. Kurbasa (Lviv)
  • The performance of T.S. Eliott’s DEATH IN THE CATHEDRAL, dir. Attila Widnianski, Ukrainian-Hungarian Theatre of Berehovo (Transcarpathia, Ukraine) - Project Coordinator: Marcin Jan Mrowca


The fourth edition was held 30 OCtober 2016:



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