Generator of Hope

The Wedding Night



Chamber Opera - Musie Drama in one Act.

Based on The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz


It constitutes outlaw terrain, open to any kind of charlatanism and dilettantism, the domain of all abuses and dubious demiurgical manipulations.

B. Schulz,ATreatise onMannequins or, The Next Book of Genesis


Opera is born at night, during intensive study of Ancient Greek Drama done back in 16,h century. Opera is the study on bacchanalia. A study of Dionysian rites. It is a cult of beauty and the ugly - the leitmotivs of classical and romantic eras. Music Drama is a search for breath of life in the opera. Life with a beating pulse expressed in the resonance. In answer for the music. In space of the musical act. In anthropological urge for human being in its sharpest senses.

Libretto of The Wedding Night is very traditional: like with Mozart or Rossini, it is about love intrigue. But love in The Street of Crocodiles happens to be irregular, grotesque, like a monument of Ancient hero without a head. It is tragic, like a swan feeding its blood to the young. Finally: it is comic, even laughable. Flat, shallow and untrue.
Is this the only kind of love we can afford today?
Or has it always been the only kind?

Adela (soprano): Julia Demus
Jacob (basso): Grzegorz Zajączkowski
Tłujka(mezzosoprano): Weronika Kulczycka
Rachel (alto): Malwina Borkowicz


Choir Alvarium
Conducting: Magdalena Trzcionkowska

Flute: Zuzanna Dubiszewska
Clarinet: Władysław Lech
Trumpet: Filip Pysz
Piano: Jakub Stefaniak
Violin: Maryla Stasiak
Viola: Marcjan Ciryt
Contrabass: Kamil Gosek

Music, libretto, dramaturgy: Jan Lech
Directing assistance: Weronika Kulczycka
Scenography and costumes: Agnieszka Jankowiak
Production: Center for Theater Practices Gardzienice,as a part of Generator of Hope project.




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founded, built and run
by Włodzimierz Staniewski

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