The Composers' Concert


Composers' Concert of Jan Lech and Szymon Kałużny

2nd String Quartet „Shattered Memories” – première


2nd String Quartet „Shattered Memories” is a piece written in August 2019, for the needs of heart and soul of the composer. It is a personal contemplation, a letter with written feelings coded between the sounds. „Shattered Memories” is a discovery of deep parts of one's inside world without attempts to name them.

Composed by Szymon Kałużny
Performing: Syncretis String Quartet

“Les Mots” for string quartet – première
Performed by Syncretis String Quartet
Inspired by literary biography of Jean-Paul Sartre, the piece searches for the core of musical language. In the first part – Lire (fr. Reading) – the musicians begin to understand and recognize the very first words and conjunctions. The words form into sentences, read by the performers from the score with mechanical precision. The second part – Ecrire (fr. Writing) is constructed live from previously learned words – a short cuts, that get their new meaning through accent, tone of the voice, convention and direct, inter-human understanding.

Composed by Jan Lech
Performing: Syncretis String Quartet

“Three sonnets” for piano – première
Performed by Georges Beriachvili
Conjured on a basis of intimate love poems they were never supposed to see the light of day. The pieces were then found by a very unique pianist, who decided to bring them into the world. This hastily prepared notation of a momentary stare on the clear and not ever blemished beauty marks a chronicle of the last such night on Earth, when – as Dostoyevsky put it – “my night was better than my day”.

Composed by Jan Lech
Performing: Georges Beriachvili


Polish string quartet established in 2019. It is a result of enthusiastic work during masterclass in Gorlice, run by Camerata Quartet. Every member of the quartet is an active concert artist, peforming in Poland and abroad and taking part in masterclasses and competitions. Although their common journey is rather short, they managed to quickly find a common goal: working on ambitius repertoire and professional approach.
Syncretis String Quartet, as the name suggests, is a unique combination of creative personalities.

Szymon Kałużny – 1st violin
Marianna Gurne – 2nd violin
Natalia Małek – viola
Mikołaj Adamczak – cello

Piano (guest performance): Georges Beriachvili




Wednesday, October 2nd at 18:30


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