Szlemiel, Art Studio by Bogusław Słupczyński
Perfomance based on a story by I.B.Singer „How Szlemiel was travelling to Warsaw”
„Story by I.B.Singer is a feast for reader and an inspiration for theatre makers. We chose the story about... „How Szlemiel was travelling to Warsaw”. Actuality of the motif of this journey, astonishing picturesqueness of types of Singer's Jewish town evoked joyous interest of the company of performers. Because we talk about ourselves, about eternal dreams of humanity, that can come true in a tricky, but also in a beautiful way. Because it's easier to grasp the world with dreams, than with brains. Because we always go to some... „Warsaw” for happiness, where eventually... some miracle happens. All of that is to make a simple, life discovery. This excellently written text is an occasion of actor's and comedian's „fullfilment”. The Szlemiel is performed by six actors. Written for voices and dynamically presented story that is accompanied by motifs of traditional klezmer music. The CST Company (disbanded in 2016 alternative theatre company), that always drew from traditional culture; from philosophical and customary story of Singer brings forth a kind of joyous madness, present in even the „simplest” of human's lives. Jewish name Szlemiel means an exceptional bad luck person. Our character searches for happiness. He travels into the world. At the end of the wander he makes an extraordinary discovery...”
Bogusław Słupczyński

Translated by Andrzej Polkowski
Adaptation, Direction: Bogusław Słupczyński
Scenography: Łukasz Matuszek
Music: „Się Gra" Band – B. Stańczyk, J. Adamow, M. Brzozowski
Actors: Katarzyna Słupczyńska, Krzysztof Cis, Tomasz Majorek, Tomasz Pisarek/Rafał Soliński, Łukasz Matuszek, Bogusław Słupczyński
Premiere: 2011




Thursday, October 3rd at 17:00


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