Residence in the Tri-City


Residence of Theatre "Gardzienice" in the Tri-City

as part of the Festival of Literature and Theatre BETWEEN

12-16 May 2014


One of the main events of BETWEEN Festival in 2014 was the Residence of Centre for Theatre Practices „Gardzienice”. It was the first multilateral presentation of this world famous theatre company in Tri-City and it consisted of performances IPHIGENIA IN Aand PYTHIAN ORATORIO. The latest work of „Gardzienice” Theatre was shown in exeptional space of St. John Church in Gdańsk.


Reviews and photos:





13th May, Teatr w Oknie

Introduction to Gardzienice

This theatrical gathering with audience led by Włodzimierz Staniewski with participation of actors and musicians was a unique introduction to the world of „Gardzienice” Theatre. It was followed by common walk to St. John Church where Pythian Oratorio was about to be performed.



13th May, St. John Center




14th May, Theatre On The Beach


Projection of the television version of the famous spectacle perceded by introduction by W. Staniewski.



15th May, Wybrzeże Theatre, Scena Kameralna




16th May, Aula of Philological Department of Gdańsk Univeristy

Theatre - mantic perspective: oracles, prophecies, spectacles

Lecture of Włodzimierz Staniewski with participation „Gardzienice” actors was an attempt of multidimensional recapitulation of company’s Tri-City residence on Between Festival as well as the introduction of new, manctic perspective of „Gardzienice” Theatre. The lecture was accompanied by actors presentations and projections of archival recordings.

Festival of Literature and Theatre BETWEEN was the 5th edition of international festival devoted to relations between literature and theatre, organised since 2010 by the Gdańsk University Sopot City Hall, in colaboriation with i.a. Theatre of Polish Radio, Wybrzeże Theatre and Theatre On The Beach. Festival is an interdisciplinary event.

BETWEEN.POMIĘDZY is the fifth in an annual series of international festival devoted to the relationship between theatre and literature, organized since 2010 by the University of Gdańsk and the City of Sopot,  in cooperation with i.a. Sopot Friendship Society, Polish Radio Theatre, the Wybrzeże Theatre, the Shakespeare Theatre. The festival is an interdisciplinary popular science event, in which many individuals in the field of art, culture and science at the local, national and international level are involved. Central point of the festival is the international conference with participation of leading humanistic scholars from all over the world. Main topic of the conference inspires series of events suitable for wide audience such as performances, meetings with artists, discussions, open lectures, presentations of movies and radio plays, theatrical and literary workshops.



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