Karolina Cicha and Elżbieta Rojek


Worship Songs of Many Temples
Concert „One-Many” is a collection of the most joyful of songs, that can be heard in temples of Podlasie, where different religious traditions coexist for centuries. Concert is a combination of this rich mossaic in a single cohesive programme, where every religion speaks in a single voice. It's a material stylistically close to folk music with characteristic sound of ethnic instruments like padudia, suka, kobyz, komancze, ud, rubab, daf and tombak, with music that is ecstatic at times, contemplative, often close to the ritual or a rite. It is made whole with sacral languages, among which is Church Slavonic, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew and Polish. Next to the Catholic treasures of scral music one can hear traditional songs for the glory of God of other traditions of Religion of the Word: Orthodox song from the Liturgy of Saint Basil, Old Believers' song form Irmologion of Supraśl from 16th century, Sufistic poem by Rumi from 13th century and Hebrew song of the mystic by Elazar Azikri from 16th century. Music is a language of epiphanies, that allows for communication over the head of doctrinal differences.

Karolina Cicha – vocals, accordeon, keyboard, looper, percussion sampler
Elżbieta Rojek – vocals, harmonium
Karolina Matuszkiewicz – vocals, kamancze, padudia, suka, kobyz
Patrycja Betley – percussive instruments




Saturday, October 5th 20:30


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