Let's Dance with a Style


Let's Dance with a Style


Songs of urban backyards, streets, salons and cabarets, moving not just the body. Every song is a differnt story: dramatic, passionate, sometimes pompous, often with big dose of humour. One would hear stylish arrangements of tangos, waltzes and foxtrots.
Justyna Jary – scholarship awardee of Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2014). She graduated Academy for Theatre Practices in Gardzienice (2005) and had an artistic internship at the Fryderyk Chopin Music University in Warsaw in Vocal-Acting Department with Professor Ewa Iżykowska-Lipińska (2018). She made an entrance this year ar Opole Festival's debuts and got many positive reviews. She performed on prestigeous stages of New York, Moscow, Warsaw, Berlin and Cracow. She collaborated with many artists in Poland and abroad (among which: Pożar w Burdelu, New Theatre, Bajarki, Propabanda, Księżycowo, Kris Ingram Lanzaro, Bui Sisters). She works in education: original vocal workshops FREE THE VOICE (editions in Warsaw, Cracow, Lisbon, London, Madrit and others). Justyna is also known from the popular TV show of Polsat channel „Must Be The Music – Tylko Muzyka”, where she got very positive reviews from the jury panel.

PompaDur – a troupe of chambers and backyards. Their music is fresh and life bringing, like a well-sharpened knife; always well cut and with a frill, that many countess would envy. Style and extravagance is coming here straight from the upper class: from smokey dives, suburban dancehalls and cabarets. PompaDur does also have melancholic ballades of the yards, cabarets' songs, funny tales noir, tangos that make every step a fight for one's life. Songs are about everyday matters – dramatic breakups, love conquering death and secrets hidden in a double bass case. Where there are love and other demons, there has to be some blood spilled at times; however, no matter how smokey the place is and how thick would be the mist around, the blood remains blue and sweet and the music is passionate, lyrical and stylish.

„The band made an extraordinary thing: took a fossil of a genre of Warsaw-folk town ballade, denounced what is dead and made essentional and timeless things alive” Paweł Szczutowski, Radio Praga

„Intriguing and ambitious project” FINE TUNE TV




Friday, October 4th at 22:00


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