International Festival of 20th(+2) Anniversary
 Academy for Theatre Practices 
Gardzienice, 2nd – 6th of October 2019


tickets: Free entrance.

Attention! Due to the limited number of places and huge interest, earlier reservation is required:

☏ +48 81 532 98 40 • Mon.-Fri. 10.00-18.00
☏ +48 81 582 13 98 • only during the Festival
✉ office@gardzienice.org

The order of applications principle was adopted. Tickets in the form of one-day ticket.




Wednesday, October 2nd

17:00 Ceremony of Festival's Opening Palace – Concert Hall

17:30 Scenes with Masks, Rose Bruford College students, performance based on II act of Stanisław Wyspiański' "Liberation" („Wyzwolenie”), artistic tutoring: Włodzimierz Staniewski / The Large Outbuilding Carmina

18:30 The Composers' Concert - String Quartets of Jan Lech (terminates under W. Staniewski's supervision) and Szymon Kałużny (13th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's musician) / Palace – Concert Hall

19.30 City, that never existed, circus performance of Kejos Collective, dir. Marta Kuczyńska (5th Academy), Jacek Timingeriu (6th  Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actor in years 2007-2009), Katarzyna Timingeriu (7th Academy) / Grannary

20:30 Metamorphosis, Marebito Theatre, based on Franz Kafka "Die Verwandlung", dir. Fatih Affan Öztürk, art-coaching: Anna Dąbrowska (II APT, Gardzienice Theatre's actress); among actors - graduates and former collaborators: Angela Ottone, Jakub Szymczyna (4th Academy), Piotr Zwolski (12th Academy), Adrianna Kabza / The Large Outbuilding - Carmina

22:30 ...so further may I go... recital of Magdalena Pamuła (12th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress) /Palace – Concert Hall


Thursday, October 3rd

13:00 Symposion/Dithyramb „My unrepeatable life in life and life in arts” Palace 

17:00 Schlemiel, theatre performance based on Isaac B. Singer, dir. Bogdan Słupczyński (Cieszyn); with participation of Krzysztof Cis (1st Academy), Tomasz Pisarek (11th Academy), Katarzyna Słupczyńska (former Gardzienice Theatre's collaborator) / The Large Outbuilding – Carmina

18:00 Cukry, Concert-Performance of 12th Academy Graduates: Lena Witkowska, Karolina Głogowska, Agnieszka Kocińska / Palace – Concert Hall

19:00 Cityphonics (Miastofonie), Performance-Installaction of Katarzyna Stefanowicz (4th Academy/ Shed

20:00 Liberation (Wyzwolenie) - Stanisław Wyspiański; The Open Rehearsal (Trailer), Gardzienice Theatre/ Palace - Foyer

Author of performance: Włodzimierz Staniewski; music: Zygmunt Konieczny

Motto: Talenta are immense, after all, but shalt the spirit enter them. (Wyspiański)  

22:00 Twilight of the Day, circus performance with participation of Katarzyna Sanak (13th Academy), Gergo Popa (13th Academy), live music: Magda Pamuła (12th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress), Anna Nguyen (13th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress), Szymon Kałużny (13th Academy), Kacper Lech (Gardzienice Theatre's actor) / Shed 


Friday, October 4th

12:00 Conference Pedagogy Corrected... / Palace – Concert Hall

16:30 The Beggar's Opera B. Brecht, Premiere within programme Generator of Hope; dir. George Attwill , with participation of Rose Bruford College students who undertook apprenticeship in Gardzienice Theatre / Grannary

17:30 ExPLoration, Krzyk Theatre, dir. Marek Kościółek (4th Academy), with participation of Anna Giniewska (11th Academy), Mateusz Zadala (11th Academy), Marcin Pławski (6th Academy) /The Large Outbuilding Carmina

19:00 Tara Gayan – Songs from stars, concert of Agnieszka Mendel (3rd Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress in years 2004 – 2016), with participation of Maciej Hanusek (8th Academy), Michał Brańka (8th Academy) / Palace – Concert Hall

20:00 Bald Singer, 59 minutes Theatre, performance based on E. Ionesco, dir. Jolanta Sikorska (6th Academy), with participation of Ewa Ampulska (6th Academy) / Grannary

22:00 Let's Dance with a Style, Concert of Justyna Jary (4th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre actress in years 2004-2009) and Pompadur Music Band/ The Large Outbuilding Carmina


Saturday, October 5th

12:00 Conference Pedagogy Corrected... / Palace – Concert Hall

16:00 Finnegans Wake, the diploma performance of 13th Academy, dir. Maciej Gorczyński (6th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actor in years 2010-19), artistic tutoring: Włodzimierz Staniewski /The Large Outbuilding Carmina

17:00 Certificates Ceremony for recent Classes of Graduates from  Academy for Theatre Practices Gardzienice / Palace – Concert Hall

18:00 Kaleidoscope Film on history of Gardzienice Academy for Theatre Practices Palace – Concert Hall

18:30 Dance with Fans, choreography: Julia Bui Ngoc (4th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress in years 2004 – 2010) with participation of Ewa Ampulska (6th Academy), Judyta Bulman (13th Academy); live music: Justyna Jary (4th Academy), Aleksandra Gronowska (4th Academy/ Gardzienice Theatre's actress in years 2004 – 2009) / Grannary

19:30 Yovo - Daniel Irizarry (USA, participant of Gardzienice Summer Intensive 2002), One-Eight Theatre with participation of Aleksandra Gronowska (4th Academy), Julia Lewandowska (12th Academy), Ewa Timingeriu (6th Academy) / Shed

20:30 One–Many, Concert of Karolina Cicha (4th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress in years 2007 – 2009) and Elżbieta Rojek (Gardzienice Theatre's actress in years 1995-2004) / Palace – Concert Hall

22:30 Symposion/Dithyramb „My unrepeatable life in life and life in arts” / Palace


Sunday, October 6th

13:00 Symposion/Dithyramb „My unrepeatable life in life and life in arts” / Palace

14:00 Lack of sense, Angel, Giraffe and Stool, performance for children based on M. Guśniewska's drama, Czytelnia Dramatu, Centrum Kultury in Lublinie; dir. Daniel Adamczyk (10th Academy), with participation of Marcin Mrowca (Gardzienice Theatre's actor) / The Large Outbuilding Carmina

17:00 Concert of Sutari Band - Barbara Songin (4th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress in years 2004 – 2009), Katarzyna Kapela–Timingeriu (7th Academy, Gardzienice  Theatre musician in years  2007 – 2009), Zofia Zembrzuska (7th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's musician in years  2007 – 2009) / Shed

18:00 Damoiselle, Premiere within program Generator of Hope; ballet composed and directed by Jan Lech, with participation of Volker Biesenbender, Georges Beriachvilli, Aleksandra Klimczak, Urszula Bernat-Jałocha (choreography) / Palace – Concert Hall

19:30 The Wedding (Wesele) Wyspiański-Malczewski-KoniecznyGardzienice Theatre's performance, dir. W. Staniewski; the special version on occasion of Graduates of Gardzienice Academy reunion / Palace – Concert Hall

21:00 By Finger Through Water, concert of Karolina Skrzyńska (12th Academy) with participance of Dorota Kołodziej (Gardzienice Theatre's actress), Magdalena Pamuła (12th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress), Aleksandra Zawłocka (12th Academy, Gardzienice Theatre's actress) / The Large Outbuilding Carmina



Multimedia Exhibition:

22+2 Years of Academy for Theatre Practices

in exposition halls in Palace and in Park alleys



International Artistic and Scientific Conference

Pedagogy Corrected

20th Anniversary of Academy for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice”

Gardzienice, October 4th-5th 2019



Friday, October 4th 2019:

11:45-12:00 Włodzimierz Staniewski Welcoming speech

12:00-12:20 Mariusz Gołaj History of Acadmey for Theatre Practices with stories and revelations regarding premières of the Academy

12:20-12:40 Prof. Tomasz Wiśniewski The role of student and teacher in theatre pedagogy of  the Academy for Theatre Practices

12:40-13:00 Dr Katarzyna Kręglewska Pilgrimage, expedition, wander, road – Gardzienice, experiencing the place

13:00-13:20 Jan Lech Training ecosystem. Role of the nature and space in training of Academy for Theatre Practices

13:20-13:40 Niamh Dowling The influence of the training practice of Gardzienice on UK actor training

13:40-14:00 Karolina Skrzyńska Songs. Music training in Academy for Theatre Practices in regards to folk tradition (with musical presentations of the author)

Saturday, October 5th 2019:

12:00-12:20 Włodzimierz Staniewski Homo viator beside homo habitatis. Man of the theatre in perplexity (between a dream of eternal wander and a dream of an own cave, visited by humans and spirits)

12:20-12:40 Joanna Holcgreber Cheironomia. A body that speaks (with presentation of cheironomia)

12:40-13:00 Prof. Zbigniew Benedyktowicz Literary works and pieces of art as material for theatre work and culture animation in Academy for Theatre Practices

13:00-13:20 Prof. Krzysztof Bielawski Models of teaching from Ancient Greece in Academy for Theatre Practices (a comparative take: paideia, Aristotle’s lyceum, Plato’s Academy, “Gardzienice” Academy)

13:20-13:40 Alexia Kokkali Retracing the source: the training of Gardzienice as an act of integration

13:40-14:00 Krzysztof Miklaszewski Fight for the New Method. Future of theatre pedagogy in Poland (with examples of “Gardzienice” experiences)

14:00-14:20 Prof. Tomasz Kubikowski Academy for Theatre Practices “Gardzienice” on a map of theatre education in Poland



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