City, that never existed

„City, that never existed”

„City, that never existed” is a theatrical-circus performance. It combines the techniques of circus art, like acrobatics, aerial acrobatics (trapezes), acrobatic wheel (Cyr wheel) and juggling, with elements of dance theatre, movement theatre and art theatre. This combination is possible with the unique company for Polish scene, which includes experienced theatre people and artist related to dance, music and a notion of New Circus.

Performance was created for the celebration of 700th Anniversary of Lublin city. Inspiration for the script was a pre-war story of the town, legends, myths, stories and work of the artists from Lublin, like Franciszka Arnsztajnowa, I.B. Singer, Edward Hartwig.

The performance is accompanied by the live music, inspired by Polish, Jewish, Ukrainian and Gypsy folk and Polish hits from the mid-war period.

Performance tells a story about a town that is imagined in part. A space of meetings of different and not-so-known people. Place of constant crossing of cultures, characters, ways of living. On one hand, it leads to unavoidable misunderstandings and conflicts, on the other hand – it leads to the creation of lifebringing, creative energy, that builds social-cultural space of the city. Through bringing forth fictional characters as well as real stories, the multidimensional, onirycal world has been made, which might have never had existed, certainly it no longer is, but somehow we can perceive its potential presence.

Performance was produced for the 700th Anniversary of Lublin City by the festival Carnaval Sztukmistrzów and Association KE-JOS-THE-AT-ER from Wrocław with collaboration of Centre of Bibliotheque and Culture FAMA in Wrocław and OFCA festival in Oleśnica.


Script, concept: Jacek Timingeriu, Marta Kuczyńska
Director: Jacek Timingeriu
Second Director: Marta Kuczyńska
Musical Supervision: Katarzyna Timingeriu
Scenography and Costumes: Diana Jonkisz, Anna Hul
Lights Director: Maciej Dziaczko
Choreography Support: Ewa Wagner
Performers: Marta Kuczyńska, Zuzanna Nir, Matylda Górska, Marcin Janiak, Adam Banach
Muzycy: Katarzyna Timingeriu, Jacek Timingeriu, Mikołaj Nowicki, Mateusz Nowicki



Wednesday, October 2nd at 19:30


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